Tuesday, June 21, 2011

last day of preschool 2011

The last day of preschool for L this year was fun filled! It was pirate/ princess day for his and another 3 year old class. They got to come to school dressed in costume. And it was the annual last day of school picnic. L got to choose what he wanted for lunch and Daddy even got to come and eat with us! His teacher gave all her kids some sweet parting gifts including a scrapbook with pictures of the entire year and an "ABC" book filled with art they had completed. Since I knew I would be taking pictures, I brought my camera with me when I dropped off L that day. So, I got a picture of him at chapel. They have chapel every Friday and just sing and praise the Lord. It's the sweetest thing to watch!



In the fall, L will start his last year there and P will start his first year. Baby P will be in the "young 3's" class. And I will have a few hours to myself each week. What will I do?!

We all love the boys' preschool, and I'm so glad I get a few more years before we're completely done and have to say goodbye to all the wonderful people at OHCP. 

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