Tuesday, June 21, 2011

wrapping up the school year

Our sweet C man demonstrated such good behavior throughout his kinder year. He would sometimes come home with "news tape" on his shirt that said things like:


In April, C's school had a Family Dance and Picnic one evening. All the grades got up and performed dances they had been practicing in P.E. After they had their turn, they invited the parents to join in.


On an unusually cold day in May, C's class visited Morgan's Wonderland for a field trip. Morgan's Wonderland is an awesome place where people of all abilities can enjoy a day of fun!


In honor of Mother's Day, L's class had a breakfast and performance for the moms. There was yummy food and the sweet sounds of 3 & 4 year olds singing. They were so, so cute! And I was so surprised to see my lil' L singing and doing the hand motions to the songs in front of so many people.

The kids had all made one of these for their moms. I think L's got me pretty much figured out. :)



In May, C's school held a "Reader's Restaurant." It consisted of all the kinder classes showing off their reading skills they had acquired throughout the school year. The students would come over to the parents and read a book chosen from their "menu" of books. After they completed the book, the parents would then "tip" the student with stickers. What a fantastic idea for the kinder kids to show what they had learned. And they were so brave as they went around to different parents!




Overall, I'd say all these fun activities helped bring the school year to a great end!

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