Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Bday and Father's Day

Summer is just about over, all except for the ridiculous heat. I'm so thankful we have air conditioning everywhere we go! I truly enjoyed the summer, more than I thought I would and was a little sad to see it end. My Cman has started 1st grade, and my 2 little guys start preschool in 2 weeks. 

In June, I celebrated my 33rd birthday. We went to eat dinner at ZTejas and then had my very favorite chocolate cake from La Madeline. That cake is to die for! I wish a had a picture of it. But here is something even better, at least I think so, a picture of me and my sweet guys.


I love how the above 2 pictures just show each boy doing their own thing, L unwrapping his silverware and C so intrigued by the activity in the kitchen. It's these little moments that I love to remember. I truly have so much more than I could ask for or deserve. I am so blessed!    

Later that same weekend, we celebrated Father's Day. My husband is the love of my life. I've known him for 19 years! I can't imagine life without him. He is such a great father and fulfills that ever important role for our boys in a way that I'm unable to, and I love that.

That bag that C is holding is full of peanuts. We went to Logan's to eat lunch, and the boys were so entertained by the peanuts! It kept them (especially Baby P) busy for a long time. I'll have to remember that.

And here is my brother and I with our wonderful Dad!


The whole family-

We also got to spend time with my cutie patootie of a niece, who is now 1 year old!


And one more, just for fun.


Love it!

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Jill aka Fruit Loop said...

I love when you update your blog! Thanks for being such a great friend and such a great inspiration to me.