Wednesday, May 8, 2013

it is what it is

Thanks to the Clickin' Moms breakout session by Erika Ray , Let's Get Real | An Honest Approach to Photography, I'm looking at things differently. In this session, much of what Erika talks about is just being real with the images you capture. Essentially, capturing your everyday and all the potentially messy, beautiful details that go along with it. It sounds easy enough. But, for me anyways, this will take some practice. I realized, even before this breakout, I've been way too concerned about comparing myself to others. Although it can be inspiring, more frequently it turns into me doubting myself. I start to wonder who will want to look at my photos and read my words on my blog. Well, you know what? It's for ME. I'll post what I want. I'll use this as a journal of our lives, as an outlet for myself. Because frankly, it's just too time-consuming and exhausting for me to be concerned about what other people think.

So...also through Clickin' Moms, I am participating in my very first ever monthly blog circle. Why am I doing this? I think this will give me the kick in the butt I need to use my blog to document my everyday life more consistently.  Along with actually keeping up with my blog, my main goal that has come from this breakout session is to capture images of our life in a real and beautiful (at least to me) way. Because life - It is what it is. I find myself thinking and saying that a lot more often these days. Because, you know what? It's true. Whether good, happy, sad, messy, bad... it is what it is. And I want to capture it. I want to have photos and albums to look through years from now and see our life, how we were actually living it.


As I was looking at a photo to include in this post, I came across this one. I love it because it captures so many things that I want to remember. Like how they want to be physically close together even though they fight and argue, their mannerisms, and how they worked together to make this spot to lie down and enjoy some TV watching.

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