Saturday, June 11, 2011

L turns 4!

Our lil' L is 4 years 4 years.


L certainly had a fun filled day! It started with balloons to help celebrate. The festivities continued at preschool where he got to celebrate with his class. For his birthday dinner, he picked Chuck E Cheese. And for his cupcakes? Well, they had to have chocolate icing and be topped with M&M's, of course! L loves his chocolate! It's so fun watching your child enjoy choosing what HE wants for a day...from morning on through to bedtime.








During these young years, they change so much! L seems so different than just a year ago. Different, but the same in a lot of ways. He is still pretty laid back and such a cuddle bug. I love how cuddly he is! L has started and completed a year of preschool and LOVED it! He is a sweet little and big brother and has learned to hold his own between his two brothers. He looks up to his big brother and you can see this when he shows C something he's accomplished or in the way he copies so much of what C does! L also takes care of his little brother and enjoys having fun and being silly with Baby P. Some other things L is doing: knows his letters and is starting to learn their sounds, is starting to write his first name and can write the first 2 letters of it pretty well, counts to 20, enjoys riding his bike (with training wheels), can hop on one foot, does well with ball type skills (throwing, catching, throwing to a target), often will talk/sing/hum to himself while completing other tasks, continues to love animals-especially ocean animals, has started to be into legos, takes his sweet ol' time to get things done (like 20 minutes to use the restroom and brush his teeth long), has been quite shy lately, and doesn't like when his "covers are broken." We love you our sweet little cuddlebug!!


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