Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sick Day and A Couple of Requests

This morning started out like many other Thursday mornings for the past few months. I showered and got ready for Bible study - trying to finish before the boys woke. I was finishing up when I heard walking/ running footsteps to our bedroom. I went to say my good mornings. Then, I hear C say in a very whiny way, "Mommy, my tummy hurts." Ugh! Since this was not the first time I'd heard this, I was 99% certain of what was to come. So, while caring for 2 other small boys, I helped Corbin make a run for the bathroom about 4 times this morning. Thankfully, he is in the process of taking a long nap! I just hate stomach viruses, but at the same time remind myself it could be worse.

Poor baby!

However, today is a great day for a sick day. Well, if I can use great and sick in the same sentence. It's been raining with thunderstorms for the past few hours. I just love thunderstorms. I'm enjoying the rain as I write this post...while all my babies are sleeping.


As of yesterday, Baby P is 6 months old!

Happy 1/2 year to Baby P!!!

I just love that big open mouth smile! It so makes my day! He's so happy he almost looks mad.

And I just had to throw that picture in of a fussy Baby P. Even when he's mad he's so cute! I can't help but laugh when I look at it.

All 3 boys had well check ups this week with the pediatrician. They are all doing well and growing. And all 3 had to get immunizations, but poor C - well he had to get 4 shots! He was very brave.


L enjoying an indoor picnic today:

One more thing.

C's preschool (along with Bibleland, the children's ministry at Oak Hills Church) is doing this really cool thing to help others in our world who are much less fortunate than us! There is a project call The H2O Project. Basically, they raise money to build wells in places around the world where people so not have access to clean water. See, the thing is there is clean water right under where these people live, but they don't have the funds/ resources to build a well to access that water. What got me were these sad statistics:

  • Women and children walk 4 hours to get dirty water.

  • Preventable water related diseases kill one child every 15 seconds, that's 10,000 every day - and that's just children.
So, The H2O Project promotes what they call The H2O Challenge, which involves drinking only water for 2 weeks, then donating the money you save by just drinking water (You save money on things like soda, juice, coffee, etc.)
C is actually getting into this. He asked me to put water instead of juice in his lunch yesterday to help The H2O Project!
I'd like to use this blog to do some good in the world. :) I'll start by asking for anything you can donate toward The H2O Project. So, if you feel led to donate, please email me at . I'll collect your donations, combine it with ours and turn it in to C's preschool. Thank you so much!

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Jill said...

Poor C! Give him kisses for us...hope he feels better soon. I was just thinking about Stellan when I read your blog....we are praying :) You're a great Mommy!