Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun With Legos

Saturday morning fun with Legos.

And resting after fun with Legos.


In other news...

Baby P now:

  • Has 3 teeth and the 4th is closely following.
  • Rolls from stomach to back and rolls half way from back to stomach.
  • Chuckles and squeals instead of belly laughing (still very cute).
  • Loves having his face and neck kissed.
  • Falls asleep very easily (under the right conditions, mind you).
  • Sleeps through the whole night, 12+ hours!
  • Is eating solids including baby oatmeal cereal, avocados and pears.
  • Into grabbing everything...and with such determination!
  • Is able to move about on his belly by kicking his legs.
  • Purposely shakes rattle type toys to hear the noise.

L now:

  • Repeats a lot more!
  • Is adding new words to his vocabulary all the time.
  • Is starting to put 2 words together.
  • Likes wearing his new crocs. :)
  • Enjoys watching his new Baby Einstein Baby MacDonald video and pretty much anything else that features animals.
    AND just to make things really interesting...drum roll please...
  • Open doors all by himself!

C :

  • Is becoming quite social! He wants to say hi to everyone!
  • Is quite the biggest brother. He is very patient with Baby P and so helpful with both little brothers(when he chooses to be so).
  • Did not go through the "terrible 2's". But did/ does have a case of the testy 3's and fiery 4's!
  • Loves school.
  • Two of his favorite things include wrestling with Daddy and running!
  • Enjoys watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Cars, Toy Story, Toys Story 2

Like my sister in law said to me about having 3 little boys just a couple of days ago - "I bet there really never is a dull moment." She is so right! And I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

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