Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Busy Day

Before we get to today, here is Baby P enjoying the exersaucer for the first time. Cute!


Today was a busy, but fun day. The boys and I met a friend and her kids (along with their playgroup) at the McKenna Children's Museum in New Braunfels. The last time we went was when C was 2 and I was very pregnant with L. The boys had a blast and it wore us all out. I think I'm the most tired. It's great going with a friend and having the company and help!

C with a space helmet on

Enjoying the water table outdoors

L on a seal and saying 'cheese' for mommy
Admiring a longhorn
Potty training...oh what fun! Ha! We've been doing some pre potty training with L. For example, before his bath we have him sit on the potty. So..I decided to put some cloth training underpants on him today for a short while. He wore them shortly before dinner and during. He then 'went potty'. Yes, in the toilet. Before I could get a diaper back on him (I let him choose between putting his underpants or a diaper back on), he ran off. He has this problem where he frequently does not come when I call him. What gives?! Is he 2 or something?!!! I digress. Shortly after running off, I hear him say "Uh oh". Well, during about an hour of 'potty training' we had a couple of accidents on the floor. I'm so glad I've done this once before. Makes for a much calmer mommy...well so far.

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