Monday, March 9, 2009

I Don't Like That!!! and Not Me! Monday

I've been pretty good about periodically getting the boys' pictures taken at a studio here in town. Last week I attempted to do my own 2 year pictures of L. A friend of mine was taking her kids to a nature area in Boerne to take pictures of her kids, so I tagged along (thanks L!). Anyways, here is our newest 2 year old being stubborn about smiling. He is doing his best trying to not smile as my friend L tries to in fact extract a smile.

Finally...a smile!

On Sunday, Baby P had his first taste of solid food! He caught on quickly and did great!

Our newest 4 year old was excited to watch and be a part of this important milestone with Baby P. However, it totally grossed him out!!! Check out the photos below. You can see a smiling C in the background as we got started with the feeding. As things progress some, you see C in the third picture below with his hand over his mouth leaving the baby feeding situation as fast as he can! Poor thing was gagging and everything! He kept saying, "I don't like that!" I think it's the texture of the baby cereal...sensory overload!

Husband and I did not crack up laughing at C, as he was totally grossed out by Baby P's first feeding. We would not bust out laughing at our poor son's misery! That would be a little mean. No, not us!


And here is Baby P practicing his sitting...and so happy about it!!!

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Jill said...

Those are the most adorable photos! Good job :)