Tuesday, August 31, 2010

what I love

I love...

...that the boys are still at the ages where you can fill up a plastic pool and they have a blast with it.


fun in the pool

...how C is helping Baby P in this photo. A lot of times he just knows what his baby brother wants and helps him out without me even having to ask.

fun in the pool

...his 2 missing "teef."

fun in the pool

It really is about the simple things, and I try to not overlook these precious moments that bring such joy and pass way too quickly. I admit, it's not always easy to remember how lovely we have it, amidst the constant needs of 3 young boys, laundry, dishes, chores, playing referee, more laundry, more dishes, meal preparation, playing referee again, more chores, never ending to do lists, and on and on. But that's one reason I love photos so much. They capture fun moments you can go back to and say, "Ah yes, life is good." It's good to be reminded in the off chance I might have forgotten to stop, breathe, and take in the joy.


Brianna said...

love it! I filled up our pool the other day too, and we played for OVER an hour!! Thanks for the reminder of how good God is and how great we have it!

Jill aka Fruit Loop said...

Well said good friend! Thanks for the reminder :-)

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

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