Sunday, August 15, 2010

our sweet niece and a new look!

Well, it's been a while but I am determined to better keep up with my blogging. Not only is it fun for me but it's just a great way to document family happenings I want to remember. And to keep me all the more motivated to blog I have this pretty new design! Thank you to Katrina at KS Designs!! She did such a a fabulous job designing just what I had in mind!


In other very exciting news, we have a beautiful new niece!!! Okay, so she was born over a month ago. But like I said, I'm just a bit behind with the blogging situation.

I had the wonderful honor of being present for her birth! It was so amazing, and I'm so thankful I could be there.

The morning of June 29th my brother called a bit before 6 a.m. to let us know they were checking into the hospital. I wasn't sure if I should go because our Little L was sick and had a fever. But after getting the okay from my brother (he asked the L&D nurse) and finding out that my sister-in-law was already at 7 cm(!!!) I rushed to get ready and leave for the hospital. Thank goodness I did! Their sweet baby girl was born at 8:25 that morning!!! My sister-in-law did awesome and had a totally drug free birth! And my brother also did really great with being loving and supportive. It all just happened so fast!

Sweet Baby Girl E
June 29, 2010
8:25 a.m.
6 lb. 15 oz.


Doesn't this new Daddy look so in love?!


The new parents and their newborn! It doesn't get much better than that!!!


My mom and her new granddaughter. Oh, you know she's so excited!


Just call me Tia Ana!


Baby E looking up at Daddy - how sweet!


So sleepy..It's been a tough day!

Congratulations to my brother and his wife on the sweet new addition to their family!!!


More photos coming soon! Just yesterday, I got some really cute ones of C, L, and Baby P with their cousin.


Katrina said...

Oh gosh! Your niece is so beautiful! I love her long dark hair. It just looks so silky.

Can't wait for your next post! :)

Angie said...

This is beautiful, Ana!! That's a home run on the photos! She is beautiful, congratulations!!

Jill aka Fruit Loop said...

I LOVE the photos you took...the last one needs to be framed. Good job. E is just beautiful.