Wednesday, August 25, 2010


C's first few days of kindergarten have been great! He started Monday and has looked forward to going back.

He was very excited to start on Monday. His Nana called Sunday evening, and C was able to tell her (in great detail) what the plan for the next day would be. When Monday morning came around, I could tell he was a bit nervous, but that was totally to be expected.  I admit I was a bit nervous also.


C had a whole method to placing his backpack and lunch box in the car and has stuck with it since Monday. Too cute!


Off we go!


We got to school pretty early (yay!), and I had time to take some pictures before we went in. (Thank you mom for coming over to stay with L and P!)

C didn't mind at all since he got to watch the school buses. He was pretty excited about it. He said, "Mommy look! There's a school bus!" Then shortly after that, "Look, another school bus!" It dawned on me after I dropped him off that C finally got to see where the school buses actually go.


I just love these next two photos of C! I think they show his sweet personality.


I walked him into the school and to the cafeteria where the kindergartners waited to go to their classrooms. Again, I could see a bit of nervousness.


When it was time, I followed C's class to their room (along with a small entourage of parents) to say bye and get one last photo. I got my cue it was time to leave when the principal came over the speaker to welcome all the students to the first day of class and then said, kindly, "Okay parents, please start making your way out so the teachers can start their day."


When C got in the car after school the first day he said, "I like school!" Wow, that sure made this mommy's heart happy!

Our C man is doing so well adjusting to kindergarten! We are so very proud of him and happy for him!!!


The Kemps said...

Oh man! He is a CUTIE! Watch out, girls!

Sina Thompson said...

C's Nana and Papa were very impressed (yet not surprised) when C explained everything that would happen on the first day of kindergarten. We are proud of our big boy!

Stephanie Green said...

Your little guys are so cute! and I love your camera, all of your pictures look so amazing!