Thursday, June 11, 2009


Baby P is crawling now! Here he is getting to the paper on the boys' easel. Funny thing is, this is actually before he started officially crawling.

Now this is something he got to by crawling. Hmm, what could be so fun back there? This first one is blurry, but it's just so cute...seeing only his bottom and legs.

Oh yes, magazines. What fun! Except for the eating the paper part.


Play time with Daddy is just so much fun! However, sometimes there are injuries. Notice poor C and Daddy recovering in the last photo.


Here are some other cute photos. Well, at least I think they're cute.

Baby P up from a nap needing a little assistance with his leg.

C and L watching a cartoon in a bed they made for themselves (well, with a little help from Daddy and Mommy). Notice the C man's shirt. He picked it out himself, stating he was going to work. I suppose it's cute if you know that my husband wears short sleeved button up shirts to work.

C loves to help Daddy with the lawn. Here he is "weed wackering", as he calls it!

Awww, brothers...

I tried to get some pictures of Baby P outside the other day, but he was too interested in moving off the blanket to the put in his mouth of course!


A few more things I don't want to forget because they make me smile.

The say L so politely says, "No, tank you" when he doesn't like something on his plate.

How C was such a big boy at his first swim lesson this summer. He is in a small class with an instructor and 3 other students. He just went off to the pool with little class with no worries. Last summer, he was still have issues with separating from me. That is so not the case anymore.

Baby P is not only crawling but able to get to his knees. I suspect he'll be pulling to stand before long. I just love how babies figure these things out on their own! It's truly amazing.

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Anonymous said...

Even though I see and talk to you pretty often, I love reading about daily live at the Ana household! You've got great boys :) Jill