Friday, June 26, 2009

the 1st child vs. the 3rd child

C started swim lessons a few weeks ago. He's been loving it! I'll be happy with whatever progress he makes, but I have to admit I'd love to see him do 2 things.

1) go under water...willingly!
2) actually swim a short distance


What do you do when it's over 100 degrees outside for days on end?! Well, if you're outside, you get in water.

Or you invite friends over and stay inside!

And I suppose since C had a friend over, he decided to be extra silly for her.


Yesterday, Baby P turned 9 months old! Wow, only 3 more months and he'll be one! Sigh.

I know our boys will always be my babies...but not literally. I don't think that past the age of oh, I don't know, say 12, they'll let me hold them and snuggle with them like they do now. I am just eating up these baby months with Baby P right now. How I love him so!

Along with being 9 months old, Baby P is into everything! I am pretty sure that with our firstborn, C, we were able to avoid him ever putting dog food in his mouth. I know, I know. We're good like that.

Well, then comes our third child. Baby P has already managed to put dog food in his mouth 3 times since he's discovered the past week or two. And twice was in one day. If I wouldn't have been so freaked out busy washing his mouth and hands yesterday, I would have taken a picture of him at our dog, Maisy's, bowl. So picture this - Baby P is kneeling at the dog bowl. There are food on the floor all around him. His mouth, hands and wrists covered in dog food crumbs, fists full of dog food, 1 piece of dog food in each cheek (like he was storing them as a squirrel does). And he's just as happy as can be! All this in a matter of maybe 90 seconds.

There you have it. I call this the 1st child vs. the 3rd child phenomenon.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for having us over! We had fun staying cool inside with you all. Jill