Wednesday, June 24, 2009

fun with art and Father's Day

Last Friday, we met a friend and her girls at Artworks, a children's art studio. The boys enjoyed the "open art" time. And one of the nice perks is that I don't have to clean up the mess. :)

C loved playing with the moon sand.

And L loved playing with rice.

Such focus...

Baby P also enjoyed getting his hand into the rice.


Speaking of Baby P...

He is now crawling faster and everywhere! You should see him go when he's after something he really wants! The other day he did sort of a quick stomp crawl where he was slamming his hands down as he was going after shoes (which we tend to frown upon since they just end up in his mouth!) It was too funny!

He is also now pulling to stand. This began about a little over a week ago. Oh, and this past weekend he cruised around a table activity center!

Yep, he's pretty excited about it.


We spent some time at my parents' house on Father's Day. Here are some pictures of that day. Notice the action happening in the last 3 photos. Baby P looks a little surprised about his brothers jumping in, but didn't mind it at all. He loved playing in the water.

Yes, the C man is well fed...I promise. Along with the goofy face he's making, he's sucking in his already slim belly exposing even more rib action.

Watch out Baby P! Here come C and L!

A good time was had by all!

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