Wednesday, November 10, 2010

my baby boy

Earlier today, I got to spend some one on one time with my baby boy. I think he enjoyed it as much as I did. We met Daddy for breakfast, went to the park, ran a couple of errands, and came home a played a bit before picking up L from preschool. Oh, one of the errands we went on was going through the car wash. Baby P does NOT like the car wash and will scream...unless I reach back and hold his hand. Then, all is good. How sweet is that? 

How is he 2 already?! Baby P turned 2 in September (which I still want to and will do a post about). Why is it that time goes by faster the older and busier you are?

He is just something else! What is a word or two to describe that little boy? Passionate, stubborn...When he's happy, he's oh so happy. But when he's upset, watch out! I describe him as wanting things his way, yesterday. And I don't know if it's having 2 older brothers, but man he is clever and will fight to get his way! That personality may get him in trouble some now, but will take him far in life.

Here are some things I want to remember Baby P doing at this age:

-puts his hands together and really close to his face when we pray
-in a stinkin' cute way, says "okay!" with kind of a southern twang
-sometimes when I explain something to him, he says "oh" he totally   gets it
-on Halloween, he would say "tik tee" (trick or treat) and "ly on" (light on) to help identify which houses to go up to
-he is very sweet with his baby cousin E
-does this thing were he slides down the stairs on his belly super fast
-loves books and will sit and flip through them
-enjoys coloring...all over himself, as well as on paper
-likes Sesame Street a lot
-"mis mou" = mickey mouse
-gives sweet kisses (when he wants)
-enjoys jumping in the trampoline with his brothers
-LOVES to swing "up high", I mean we're talking as high as the swing will take him!
-makes the cutest truck sounds
-could eat just "nas" (snacks all day), and will sometimes get mad if I say we're going to eat a meal, i.e. "lunch" I just call it a snack
-When he wanted to wander about at the restaurant at breakfast this morning, he was easily distracted when we told him there were bunny rabbits and dogs outside (we were sitting near a window).

I'm sure there is more about this Baby Boy I could add and just don't remember right now.


Man, I love him so...the one that made me a mom to 3 boys...sweet, precious boys.  

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Kim Hosey said...

Time does pass quickly, doesn't it? Great list. I miss my little guy's little-guy days. He does still give sweet kisses, though, even at 8, so some of the cute stuff lasts!

Also? That picture is adorable.