Friday, May 27, 2011

C turns 6!

Our sweet C man is 6 years old! He's such a big boy and loves Star Wars. So...



...Before he left for school on his birthday morning, we gave him his Star Wars card and Darth Vader balloon. I think they were a big hit!

Later that day, I brought cupcakes to celebrate with his class. I love how 5 & 6 year olds still get pretty darn excited about cupcakes.


That night we went to Culver's for a cheeseburger dinner followed by custard (YUM!) for dessert. Then, we came home to open gifts. And what do you get a 6-year-old who loves Star Wars? Star Wars Legos, of course!



We got to celebrate again that Friday evening. We had my family over for pizza and birthday cake. I asked him what color he wanted to icing, and C said green. I took me a while, but then I figured out match Master Yoda!




I love, love celebrating the boys' birthdays! They are so precious and to see them grow and change is beyond wonderful.

C is the sweetest 6-year-old. He loves kindergarten and has done such a great job at school this year. He has made friends, improved his writing and drawing a great deal, and is reading simple books. Our C man is quite the talker at home, but is pretty quiet at school. He continues to be a kind and helpful big brother. There is fighting, but that's normal, right? It drives me nuts! Moving on...Drawing and writing notes has really become an interest of his. He'll write sweet notes that say things like, "I love mom & dad" or "mom is the best." He is curious about how things work and is so visual. He often amazes us with how he can visually remember something in such great detail! I love this age because C is such a big boy, but is still so excited about everything! And I love him so, so much!



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