Monday, January 31, 2011

more than meets the eye

When the boys picked out their costumes for Halloween this past year, L insisted on being the same thing C chose...Optimus Prime. He did this even after picking out his own Diego costume out at the store, which I ended up returning. Here is L showing off his costume at the annual preschool Fall Parade.




L's class also had their Fall Party that day.



P got to join in on the fun!


Then came Halloween and trick-or-treating fun!!


Baby P was reluctant to wear his adorable lion costume. But after I explained that his wearing it would lead to him receiving candy, well, he was all aboard with that idea!


My brother, SIL and sweet Baby E joined us for the fun.



And come to think of it, we STILL have candy from Halloween. It'll probably just go in the trash at this point. What do you do with all the candy your kids get? Do they eat you eat it? I've also heard of some people having their kids trade it in for coupons or something. We may have to try that next year.

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