Thursday, March 25, 2010

I love

Just a reminder for myself to focus on what it's really about during those days when tiredness and grumpiness set in.

I love...

I love that Baby P's way of asking for a tissue is to sniff in and out through his little nose.

I love how C is so animated when he tells me something, using such great facial expressions and hand gestures.

I love how L has so much he wants to say that sometimes he doesn't know where to start and stutters a bit.

I love how C is so helpful and sometimes I don't even have to ask.

I love when C and L help each other and even exchange a thank you and please.

I love how my husband loves me even when I'm not so lovable.

I love how my husband plays with and interacts with our boys, ways that I can't do or just don't think of.

I love how Baby P understands so, so much and is trying to talk.

I love spending good times with good friends and that our boys have sweet friends to play with.

I love that my family is so loving with our boys and is willing to be so helpful.

I love that I'm having a niece I can love on and buy girlie things for.

I love that we don't want for anything and have way more than we could ask for or deserve.

I love how much C smiles.

I love how L loves his baby brother, insistent on touching his head and kissing him.

I love a nice hot cup of coffee.

I love Baby P's laugh, a squealy wonderful laugh.

And I love looking at this photo.


Oh, and Happy 18 months Baby P!!!

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