Wednesday, January 13, 2010


  • A long overdue Food Pak update - From Baby P's 1st b-day celebration, we collected about 17 (it's been a while but I know it was 17 or more) Food Pak boxes to donate to the Children's Hunger Fund. Thank you to all those who so kindly donated to feed the hungry!

  • I've started using Google Reader (thanks to this post ) and love it. Thanks, Angie! I now have an organized way to keep up with all my blog reading. Right, just what I needed. But really, I think it does save me time. I just go to Google Reader, and voila, everything is there in one place.

  • Our dishwasher broke last week. Bummer! But, thankfully, we were able to buy a new one. Now, we just went with a pretty basic one. But, did you know that there are $1500 dishwashers out there?! Geez, I mean, does it load, unload and just go right ahead and clean up your kitchen for you?

  • Have you read a good book lately? Well, Same Kind of Different as Me, is excellent! I finished reading it a few weeks ago. But, it's message of giving will just pop into my thinking here and there.

  • Have you seen Paranormal Activity? Pretty creepy!! I know it's just a movie, but I kept thinking, 'People, just get down on your knees and pray for the goodness, love, joy and peace of God to fill your home!' Anyways, good movie...if you like scary.

  • The poor people of Haiti are on my mind. What devastation! It's always so heartbreaking to see people who were already living such poverty stricken lives go through such horrifying loss. I feel like a moron for whining and complaining about some things like I did today. I was able to wake up in a nice warm bed, take a warm shower, put clean clothes on, dress and feed our children, drive our 4-year-old to preschool, run errands to buy essentials...and yes, I'll admit some non-essentials, drive home, give L and Baby P a snack, put Baby P down for a nap, let L watch a cartoon, give the boys lunch, pick up C from preschool, do some laundry, do homework with C, watch the boys play, clean up, make dinner for the boys, eat Chipotle burritos my husband brought home for us, load and run the new dishwasher, clean he kitchen, help get boys pajamas on and teeth brushed (my husband did their he usually does), read the boys a Bible story, tuck them into their beds and kiss them good night. Now I'm spending some time on the computer. Uh, what's to complain about? Sure, I might have had to break up some brotherly arguing/ fighting/ hitting, clean up garbage off the floor because our dog has gone nuts and has now decided to start digging in the trash can, and do daily chores that become redundant. But really, is there any worry in there about where our next meal will come from, if we have clean water to drink or where we'll sleep. Nope! So, um, not much to whine about here! We are so blessed! I feel so undeserving of such abundant blessing, just as those poor people in Haiti don't deserve what they are going through!

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Angie said...

Speaking of ideas, I LOVE the one about donating food paks. I would love to hear details on how you did that.

I'm glad the reader is working for you. On the one hand, it gives you lots of reading to do, but on the other hand, you can let it go awhile and it'll still be there when you get back.

I totally hear you on having nothing to complain about. I keep thinking God is giving the Church so many opportunities (down economy, hurricanes, now this), to show His love to those who don't yet know Him, ya know?!