Tuesday, December 22, 2009

first lost tooth

Last month, our oldest son lost his first tooth! We were sitting in the living room at Nana & Papa's house, and C tells us his tooth is gone. I thought we would have a hard time finding it because who knew exactly where or when it had fallen out. But after looking for only a few minutes, we found it on the floor.

First Lost Tooth

He was so excited. Here he is with his tooth in a pouch awaiting the tooth fairy.

First Lost Tooth

The next morning he woke up, came to me and asked if he could look under his pillow. How sweet is that?! After getting the okay from me to look under his pillow, he found a shiny silver dollar.

A few hours after finding the coin, I heard him say that the tooth fairy had turned his tooth into a coin. Then a few days later, my mom was asking C what he wanted for Christmas. And do you know what he told her? "A new tooth."  Love it!

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