Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby P

*Update - I did forget some words...ta (Ita) and wa, wa, wa (whoa, whoa, whoa).

Oh, Baby P, how you keep us on our toes. What? Is he 1 or something?! Ha, ha. I like to use that line every so often when...well, when he's acting his age.

What is Baby up to these days? Well, he's always in motion. That is for sure!

He says mama, dada, bubu (bubbles), dow (down), do (dog), uma (I think it means up), shh (shoes), ba (ball), wawa/ awa (water/ agua), ba (also means bowl), see (cereal), sh (also means fish), and caca (cracker-said it only 2 times maybe). There may be more that I'm missing. He seems to scream often, both when he's excited and mad. And though his speech isn't developing at the rate his brothers' did, the boy understands just about everything you say and copies so much! His play seems so advanced, thanks to all he copies from his brothers.

Baby P does some cute stuff like waving his hand with his pointer finger out to imitate what the doctor says to those 5 monkeys who like to jump on the bed, gasps when he's real excited about something he's seen (like when he saw what he knew to be candy on Easter), "jumps" by bending his knees and sort of stepping big, and gives great hugs with arms wrapped around you and everything.

What else has he been up to?

Well this -


He'll sign more, but will not say it...yet.

And this-


And this-

watch out brothers

His brothers have made a game of Baby P coming after them with this play sword. And Baby P loves it! He chases them and hits them with it. Oh, what fun! Well, until he uses the end that kinda hurts.

And here's one of his hugs.

C & L's Birthday Party

Oh, how I love to see brotherly love. I pray our boys will always be close and know how special they are to each other.

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