Monday, November 23, 2009

Baby P

Our Baby P will be 14 months old this week. Wow! About 1 year ago, he looked like this: Baby P Nov 2008

These precious little babies change so much in such a short amount of time. Baby P does new things all the time. I have a journal where I try and keep track of new things our boys do and the great, funny things they say.

Here is what Baby P is up to these days.
Walks fast! He is always on the go.

He loves to play outside. His favorite things to do outside include collecting acorns and rocks, playing with dirt and playing with balls.

His dancing consists of bopping up and down while standing.

His vocabulary includes "Uh oh" and that's about it. But don't be fooled. He's very vocal and gets his point across! He also understands so much, like when we tell him it's time to eat, get your shoes, give that to (insert name), clean your hands and much more.

He screams when he's mad. It's an "AAAGH, AAAGH, AAAGH" kind of screaming.

Roars for just about every animal noise. For example, he'll pick up a toy shark and say "arrr."

He's done such cute, smart things like: taken some dirty clothes out of his brothers' hamper, walk from their room to his and put said clothes in his hamper and taken his socks off and put them in our shoe basket by the front door.

One day, I asked Baby P if he had poo poo in his diaper. (I knew he did by the all too familiar odor coming from his bottom.) He grabbed his clothes and tugged on them. Then, he went over to the diaper box in the living room and took out the wipes. When I came over to him, I asked him to lie down so I could change his diaper and he did! Of course, it seems that more times than not it's a battle to change the boy's diaper. He's just too busy to be still long enough for a diaper change.

One molar has come through on the bottom right and #2 is on it's way.

Sometimes when one of his big brothers is crying, he'll make a sad face in imitation of their misery.

He'll 'clean' his hands by rubbing them together.

He likes to point to things that he find interesting and say "Oh!"

The boy does not like milk!

Typically takes 2 naps and sleeps from about 7:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.

Know where his eyes, nose and mouth are.

Weighs about 20 pounds and is now facing front in his car seat.

And something we discovered this weekend...He does not like it when husband and I hug! He comes over and screams and pulls on my clothes.
Baby P certainly has his own wonderful, exciting personality! What a joy he is...that is when he's not screaming at me because I'm hugging his Daddy. :) BabyPPlayingOutside
Love you Baby P!!!


Jill aka Fruit Loop said...

Yay! Love that P :) I can't believe everything he's up to! They're growing up way too fast. I LOVE your new almost makes me want to change mine...almost. I think I'll just look at yours instead :) Happy Thanksgiving.

Angie said...

Ha!! This is so cute! Chandler does the same thing when Chuck and I hug. So funny, huh?

I LOVE that picture of P, I hope you have it framed!! Great job!