Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st day of preschools

C will be attending 2 preschools this year - a Spanish immersion preschool and the preschool he attended last year at Oak Hills Church.

Back on August 25th, C had his first day of Spanish preschool. Before the first day he said to me, "Mommy, I'm not going to cry because I'm a big boy." As we were walking up to the building on that first day he said, "Well, I might cry just a little bit." Sweet boy...being brave. I could tell he was nervous. And yes, he did cry. But now, C is adjusting and seems to be enjoying his new school.

Today, C had his first day of preschool at Oak Hills Church. I think it went very well. Why do I think that? Well, when I asked him how it went and if he had a good day he said, "Oh, good! And I didn't cry!"

Here he is...intently checking out his new classroom.

So, here's to one last year of preschool before starting kindergarten.

I can't believe it!

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