Monday, July 13, 2009

July.13.2009 photo shoot

Instead of going to a local portrait studio to get our boys' pictures taken (Baby P's 9 month and C and L's long overdue 4 and 2 year photos), I thought I would give it a try myself. Well, not quite all by myself! A friend and I went to the Japanese Tea Gardens and took a lot of pictures of our precious kiddos. Here are some of my favorites.

I'm looking forward to doing some editing with Photoshop Elements!
Some things I learned when photographing small children:
  • Instead of asking them to smile, you tell them (jokingly), "Whatever you do, don't smile or laugh!"
  • Loud animals noises are often successful in extracting smiles...not only from your children, but from passersby.
  • Take about 200 pictures to get maybe 10-20 really good ones.
  • And the #1 thing I learned today...don't forget the M&M's!!!


Angie said...

Wow, Ana, these are GREAT!! That one of all 3 of your boys is awesome. Way to go!!

And you were so smart to bring someone with you - it's so hard to get kids into doing a photoshoot without an extra person to help.

Teresa said...

I plan on the same thing. These studios charge an arm and a leg, and the last time I had Aidan's pictures done, well she did not do much in the way of editing, so not that great. I just wish I had taken more pictures that were propped so to speak when he was a newborn, he is a little hard to get to hold still now for all those nice asleep shots. Your pics are great