Tuesday, April 14, 2009

C ChitChat

Me to C: Please don't poke my chest.

C: What are those mommy? Why do you have them?

Me: They are called breasts. Men and women have them. Mommy's feed the baby.

C (lifting up his shirt): Look, I have them. But, why do I have them? I don't need them!


Husband to C: Now, while I'm gone, you need to be the man of the house and help mommy take care of things.

C: Yes, okay! (Short pause) And L can be the mommy.


C to L: Okay L, Okay. Which balls do you want to keep? This one? Okay. We are going to give some away to the children that don't have any.

Man, he cracks me up! That last one really made me smile.

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