Monday, February 23, 2009

A Little of This...A Little of That

I'll start with "Not Me" Monday.
What's that, you ask? Well, read on.

I did not lay in bed this morning after all 3 boys were awake semi pretending I was still sleeping. I then did not proceed to listen to them play and go into the baby's room (they could hear he was awake also) to tell him "Good Morning!" I did not do this for a few minutes before I finally decided I should probably get out of bed to tell my lovies "Good Morning!" No, not me!

I did not go out with my mom today to look for shoes for our middle son, only to remember...Hey! Maybe I should actually have checked to see what hand-me-downs we have from our firstborn! No, not me! Because my memory never fails, not me!
See, isn't that fun?! To read more (and see some great photos) visit MckMama's website listed at the right sidebar.
We'll move on to the subject of toddlers next. Wait, how long do I have?!
Sometimes I forget our son, L, is a toddler. I suppose I think of him as older sometimes - 4 years old- like his older brother. Well, he surely reminded me..."I am toddler, hear me roar!!!" You know how toddlers like to do things on there own? Not only does L love to do things on his own, if I happen to help him in the least bit, he proceeds to scream and complete the task over again. Oh yes, this makes getting into the car seat really exciting. Ha!

Oh! And he's been able to say the "Owww" for a while now. It's just that now he uses it almost every time he's upset. sounds like I'm hurting the poor boy all day long! Ha!

I do remind myself that, with kids, so much of what they do is a phase and "This too shall pass." Which is good and bad.
Soon, L won't be a toddler any more. Before I know it, he'll be four!!!


Firstborn, C Speak:
Tonight at dinner, C's prayer included (among thanks for the day, famawee=family & besawings=blessings) thanks to God for going under water! Husband & I nearly busted out laughing! Where do they get this?!


Something on P, our baby:

C & L had no trouble taking the bottle when they were babies. But, sweet P...well, he's another story. He did take it early on, but we haven't 'practiced' in a while. His is not having it, nope, not one bit. While I took the older boys to the playground, my mom came over today to spend some time with the baby. She tried (for an hour!) to give him a bottle. Thankfully, P was not really mad - except of course when the bottle was actually in his mouth. Well, thanks for trying mom! Guess my idea of working a little here & there may have to wait...And that's o.k.

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